„Von geheimer Kraft beseelt“, Markus Stockhausen has described the play of Lisa Schreiber as virtuosic in the original and true sense of the word. 22 years old, this young saxophonist already showcases affection for a wide range of music from the classical often-unknown jewels of her instrument over transcriptions up to contemporary music and improvisation.

Currently studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the guidance of the Dutch saxophone coryphée Arno Bornkamp, Lisa is multiple prize winner of competitions such as the Prinses Cristina Concours and has most recently been awarded Laureat of Classic Young Masters. Both as soloist and member of various chamber music groups, she has already performed in some of the most renowned concert halls of the Netherlands, such as Het Concertgebouw, Het Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ and Philharmonie Haarlem.

„Vor diesem Klang besteht keine Selbsttäuschung...“

The joy of playing with others has always been at the very root of Lisa’s music making. In 2019, with three of her colleagues from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet was formed. Recently awarded the first prize in the chamber music category of the International Competition “Vítor Santos” in Portugal, they have now been offered to record their debut CD.

Furthermore, she has enriched her studies by regularly attending lessons with baroque specialist Walter van Hauwe. A highly influential and continuing experience have also been the Mindful Music Making courses with the Russian-German violinist Alina Pogostkina, in whom she has found a dear mentor and friend. Finally, her latest encounter with the genre-crossing trumpeter and improviser Markus Stockhausen has been of significant impact setting her on a new exploratory path of ‘intuitive music’ with the intention of making her music of inescapable relevancy for today and her audience co-creators of their own musical experience.